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A Note From Ayanda

In my 23 years in the recruitment advertising and media industry, 18 years of which I have spent running my own business, I have often been asked to share some insights into how I got into the game and how I started my own business. I didn’t think I knew enough. I’m still not convinced I know quite enough even today. But I am always happy to learn and discover more. Most importantly though, I have always been inspired by those who were confident enough to chart their own courses, make up their own rules and go after that which they want in life.

The introduction of this platform is therefore a culmination of a more than two-decades-long journey of learnings from others and from my own professional and business experiences – all ready to be shared with whomever cares to listen.
For those who have been generous enough to follow my career and business goings-on you will know that there have been some amazing moments characterised by trial and error, some very big triumphs and sometimes smaller ones, and some monumental missteps in between. Those even closer to me will also know that there has been some anxiety and a little self-doubt from time to time. Thankfully, the dreamer and idealist in me just kept going regardless of the steep up hills.

This new path, however, is not just about me. It is more about the beautiful faces, places and spaces I have come across in my professional journey. It is about the real stories and real people who are doing small but extra-ordinary things with their businesses, careers and lives and in the process have made significant and enriching strides using whatever life throws at them.

This is about the people who inspire me, living their lives their own way and ultimately redefining what success is.
I strongly believe that the journey of personal growth and self-discovery should be perpetual, peppered always by the right amounts of contemplation and action.

My own journey continues, and I hope you will take this new ride with me, together with all the amazing people whose career paths we will be showcasing here.

Be inspired. Redefine your own success.