Ayanda Mbanga smiling happily in her office

About Ayanda Mbanga

Redefining Success by Ayanda Mbanga was started in May 2017 as a platform to help people redefine their success. This website exists to help everyone have a chance at making their dreams come true. No matter what situation you’re currently in, we want to offer you the career guidance you need to find a job that will help you advance in your career and reach your goals, whether those goals are financial or are goals that are aimed at finding fulfillment in what you do on a daily basis or create meaningful change in the lives of those around you. When it comes to how to make yourself happy, what you do five days a week can make all the difference.

We cater for people at all stages of their career and in all different industries. So, whether you’re only just starting out or you’ve been working for many years, we are here to help you. This platform showcases available jobs in South Africa. Our mission is to not only help you locate the job you want but also aid you in successfully obtaining that job. This means we offer inspiring stories of people who have reached success to motivate you to take those important steps forward on your career journey. You’ll also learn about the details of jobs you may not have understood before, such as what a life coach or till operator does. We’ve found that hearing about the achievements of others and how they got to where they are helps people feel like anything is possible. And it’s that feeling of possibility that fuels people to go for what they want and find the success they’ve always dreamed about.

And if you need advice to help you receive that job offer you desperately want, our Vuk’uzenzele page is there to do just that. From the very beginning of your job search, we are here to offer career guidance. Whether you want to know how to write a CV that’s suited to the job you’re applying for, how to answer job interview questions or even how to introduce yourself in an interview in an effective manner, we’re here for you.