Knysna Municipality strives to maintain its position as a premier tourist destination in South Africa – a place where peace, prosperity and harmony prevail, ensuring an exceptional lifestyle for residents and visitors alike.

DRAFT BUDGET 2019/2020

Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 22 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003) that the draft budget of Knysna Municipality for 2019/2020 is available for inspection from Thursday, April 4 April 2019 at the Municipal Customer Care Centre in Woodmill Lane, Knysna, at the Sedgefield Municipal Offices, Flamingo Street, Sedgefield and all Municipal Libraries. 

Draft budget documentation is also available on the official municipal website

Representations regarding the draft budget, if any, must be lodged in writing with the undersigned on or before Monday, 20 May 2019. Comments may also be submitted to the email address

In terms of Section 21(4) of the Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000, notice is hereby given that persons who cannot write can approach Ms. N Fundi at the Municipal Offices in Queen Street who will assist in putting representations into writing.