Work @ a theatre company: Centre stage with Magnet Theatre


We recently celebrated Youth Day and with this fresh in our minds we sought to find out more about working at an organisation directly involved in youth development. Magnet Theatre, located in Cape Town’s vibrant suburb of Observatory, is one such organisation and we chatted to Jennie Reznek, a director and trustee at Magnet, about its [...]

Work @ an NPO: A page out of The Bookery’s tale


Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) play a pivotal role in society. For some there is the misconception that NPOs are simply ‘charities’ and at times they are viewed in a ‘soup-kitchen’ light but these businesses are often just as progressive, innovative, and successful as their ‘for-profit’ counterparts. We chatted to two employees at a Cape Town based NPO, [...]

Work@: Selekane Asset Management Consultants


Re-setting the benchmark in the Financial Services industry Selekane Asset Consultants is an independent black-owned firm offering a wide range of investment consulting services to pension funds, medical aid funds and other such institutional funds. The only 100% black-owned and managed firm of its kind, Selekane aims to provide clear and impartial, professional advice on the [...]