Many of us erroneously believe that getting up every morning with purpose is a trait that belongs solely to entrepreneurs and billionaires. It’s curious how we associate success with the qualities of positive things and a sense of purpose, but then fail to apply these easily applicable values to our own lives. Because no matter what job you are doing, if you can do it with goal-orientation and enthusiasm, you are going to set your life on the same trajectory of success as any billionaire.

Sure, you might not make as much as billions, but you can improve your chances one hundred fold when you apply positivity and purpose. To get into that headspace, there are a few basics you need to ponder and kick into action – perhaps in stages, but pulling your thinking into line is where you begin. And when you do that often enough, it becomes a habit.

How you look at things

They say that simply changing your perspective can change your entire life. How you view things, colours your reaction in every way. Some people will view a setback as adversity, others will see an opportunity. Perception is the gearbox, the drive, the motivation.


Ask yourself what makes you excited? And how can you apply that emotion to your current situation – how do you see sudden enthusiasm driving your job upwards, regardless of whether it is your chosen career or not. If you wanted one good thing to happen today, what would it be, and how would you get it done? Be interested. Be alert. Be active.


It’s easy to lose the power of the day while you concentrate on everything that you don’t like about your situation. The pertinent thing to remember about a sour face is that it’s very readable to others. The lumpy look and stony eyes are going to get you noticed for all the wrong reasons, and that new job or promotion you were so keen on, will be going to someone else. And you will be left wondering why. Show joy. Be animated. Be grateful.

What you have in your hands at any one time is precious in its own way; look at your situation and the people around you with gratitude. Every day you touch other people’s lives in some way or another – so make sure every engagement is positive. What you might think of as a nuisance is someone else’s idea of heaven. Commit to the day. Make it count.

Strengths and weakness

Everybody has their own unique set of talents, and everyone is different. Learning to know what you are good at, and how to spin that to your daily advantage, is important. Likewise, know when you are not good at any particular task, and either ensure you get more training or ask for help. Nobody is perfect and everybody, no matter what stage of life they’re at, is on some sort of learning curve at one time or another. So there’s no perfect time either. Seize the day!

Handling challenge and failure

Stepping up to the plate is an important part of positivity. But equally important is knowing that while meeting a challenge is fundamental to success, failure can be part of the process as well – and you need to deal with that with the same sense of purpose. Failure is momentary, and it’s a spur. Approached with the right perspective, failure can be a great motivator on the road to achievement. Dealing with failure with a positive outlook takes courage and confidence – helps to build these traits in your survival toolkit. Failure is common. And it is considered by some top business people as crucial to their ultimate success.

Handling stress

The ability to consistently adapt and adjust is vital. Clarifying chaos streamlines your capabilities to see clearly and cope with stress. Don’t try and be everything to everybody, or appear excellent at 100 things. Focus on what matters, and keep your attention on your competencies. Always remember your purpose is to have a good, productive day and not to change the world. Keep to the plan. Execute the plan.

Team spirit

This is so often talked about but not often looked at with deep seriousness. Yet it is one of the major areas where positivity and purpose have such powerful influence. In a nutshell, positive, highly motivated teams are fun to be a part of – but don’t expect other people to contribute to morale, make it your purpose too. Help to build a positive team.

The benefits of a positive team

Positivity can make a real difference to well-being. It makes us calmer, more accepting, happier and more motivated. Positivity increases our ability to think creatively and work effectively with other people. And the happier we are, the more innovative we can be! There is no better purpose to any day, than ramping up success! So contribute your unique abilities with love and meaning. Be aware of how your emotions affect other people, either bringing your team up or down. Eschew negative feelings in any interaction, and let your positive attitude inspire others. People with a shared sense of purpose often become more engaged and committed.

The positive key to motivation

Keep your goals realistic. Appreciate the efforts of others with an encouraging word.

Communicate effectively and develop an attitude that is non-judgmental. Voice your opinion but be ready to listen to other people. The more open, positive and engaged you are, the easier it is to build trust and create good relationships.