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  • Communication and your Career

    One of the simplest yet most essential attributes you’ll need to succeed in your career will be strong communication skills. It’s interesting how little attention is paid to this, either  through scholastic education or tertiary [...]

  • It is Written: a copywriting career in the time of visual communication

    There are always the naysayers, naggers, know-alls, and the negatively inspired who will tell you that language is dead, the written word is a has-been, nobody reads anymore, and pictures are king. And for a [...]

  • Working from Home: Covid-19 has an upside

    They say when times get tough, the tough get going. And Covid-19 has certainly introduced tough times. For those already working from home, the effects are perhaps not felt as badly as those who are [...]

  • Work/Life Balance: is it really possible?

    Work/Life balance has become a popular concept over the last few years. The difficulty has been differentiating between ideology and practicality. Everyone would like such a balance, but getting it into action, and getting it [...]

  • Careers that Travel: take your job with you

    The world is changing rapidly. Training, opportunities, locations with regard to work are all on shifting sands. There is uncertainty, but also a keen excitement – because the job you end up doing could morph [...]

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