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  • The Strings on your Bow: having more than one career option

    The working world has changed so much in the last ten years. Clinging to one career at the expense of all others is not what it used to be. Firstly, millennials have changed the concept [...]

  • The Changing World of Women at Work  

    Every so often we talk about women in work, and the changing world of women at work. Over time it might seem as though we tramp the same path over and over, but in fact [...]

  • Technology: the do or die of future jobs

    The changes ringing through the working world due to the advance of technology may threaten some jobs, while enhancing others. The key to succeeding as the new world descends is the ability to analyse the [...]

  • Leadership: the qualities required and how to develop them

    Nobody goes around thinking they would make a poor leader. Most people rather imagine they might easily assume such a role and make an impact. At least they aspire to having that capability. Leadership is [...]

  • The Zoom Interview: tips and pitfalls

    As with any interview, you need to prepare for it. And to do that, you need to set aside time to focus on several steps you need to take before you find yourself in front [...]

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