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  • Beginning a new job: the do’s and don’ts

    Probably the most stressful day in anyone’s life is the day you start a new job. It can be a lonely moment because you don’t know anyone, you don’t yet know the job systems, and [...]

  • Mind and Motivation: how a mentor can help your career

    Having a mentor is like having a good friend by your side helping you through the sticks and stones of life. Except a mentor is not really a friend – a mentor is there to [...]

  • The Lifestyle of Success: it’s not what you think

    Success looks easy to some, tough to others, depending on how you approach your dreams and ambitions. Success begins with education and ends with…well, something else. In some people’s minds it ends with money and [...]

  • The Job Interview: make it work for you

    Preparing to attend a job interview is mostly scary for many people. You’ve got to ensure you’re on your best behaviour, carry a significant CV, and dress to impress. However, there’s so much more to [...]

  • Taking the Entrepreneurial Road

    Probably one of the most exciting career choices is the field of entrepreneurship. Some people are born entrepreneurs and begin young, displaying creative business skills and innovative ideas from the moment they leave school or [...]

If you’re looking to redefine your success, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Ayanda Mbanga, we’re all about giving you the tools and resources to make the best of your career. You’ll not only find where the job opportunities are but also how to put your best foot forward in order to get the job you want. It’s all about getting the most out of what you want from your career. And we’re here to support you on this journey to success.

Career success means something different for everyone. For some, it’s about earning the money they need to live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. For others, it’s about having a career that makes you excited to start each new day and leaves you feeling fulfilled every evening as you go home. This is why we’re not only focussed on helping you find a job, we’re here to help you figure out what type of job opportunity best suits you. It’s about finding the right environment where you can thrive and develop your skills and confidence.

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We all know why job security is important, but at Ayanda Mbanga, we believe loving what you do is just as important. Helping you find that perfect job and mentoring your career development is what we are all about.