Different jobs for different personalities


Every person is unique and has a unique personality. That is why different people are good at different jobs. While everyone has their own personality that is unlike any other, there are ways to define these personalities into groups. Today, we are going to discuss examples of the types of jobs that suit extroverts, introverts and [...]

Looking for a job? Double check your social media


If you are currently applying for jobs, you need to sit back and take a second look at your social media. You may be wondering what your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account have to do with your job search. However, these social media sites offer a future employer all the information they need about your interests [...]

What to expect when job hunting for the first time


Many people leave school or tertiary education believing that they’ll find a job soon. Even though friends and family who’ve been through it have warned them about job hunting, they think it will be different for them. Or, because job searching was easy for one person they know, they think it will be just as simple [...]

Pretty Much – a lesson on how to build-up one another


The first thing I noticed about Nosi Mgoduka, founder of Pretty Much, was her quiet confidence. I couldn’t help but find this character trait of hers charming. She carries it around with her in the same way that a Dame might carry a Louis Vuitton handbag  – gently and with grace. We sat down at a [...]