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Artificial Intelligence: the bane or brilliance of your future career?


One thing is for sure: Artificial Intelligence is going to affect everybody in the working world one way or another. People are forming two camps of preparation: one which holds that jobs will be lost and devastation will result; and those who believe that jobs will merely be redesigned to meet the needs that re-engineering business [...]

The Ideas Bureau: how to look for opportunities


Opportunities are everywhere. And if you add your imagination to that, you have an infinite variety of possibility that, when snatched by those with vision and daring, makes the world go round. Most people struggle with the concept that opportunities are actually staring them in the face. They argue immediately from a defeatist position: all the [...]

Redefining Success: a mindful approach


Success is defined by expectation. What you hope for yourself becomes your measure for success. Some people keep their hopes relatively simple, more attainable, and therefore are more easily satisfied; a job that gives you stability and a Friday afternoon off may suit someone’s life goals admirably. But the reality is that many people expect more [...]