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Working for the Money? Make the job work


So you’ve qualified and the glittering world of work awaits you with a variety of options filled with excitement and challenge! But slow down…there may be some discrepancy to work through. And that is: not every job is going to blow your socks off. Some jobs may prove dull and routine, downright boring, certainly lacking in [...]

The Family Business: Is it for you?


For some, knowing there is a ready-made working environment once you qualify, can be heartening. The family business usually has stability, security and guaranteed advancement sewn into it. However, it also has complex relationships, personal history, and a number of landmines for the unwary. Before you take what might appear to be an easy step avoiding [...]

When Nature Calls


There are very few professions that can compete with a game ranger in its remarkable ability to invigorate our imaginations. We tend to romanticise the activities of their daily lives to a level that could match the idea of a stolen kiss on a soft-lit cobbled Rue in Paris…in the rain. But just like successfully stealing [...]