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Redefining Success: a mindful approach


Success is defined by expectation. What you hope for yourself becomes your measure for success. Some people keep their hopes relatively simple, more attainable, and therefore are more easily satisfied; a job that gives you stability and a Friday afternoon off may suit someone’s life goals admirably. But the reality is that many people expect more [...]

How women are changing the face of management


"To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?" ~ Katherine Graham, CEO Washington Post. In the last few years, there has been definite change (albeit slow) in the rise of women through the ranks to management status. What is interesting is the effect that the promotion of women to [...]

Continuous Education: not a value-add, an essential


We live in a world where change is continuous. To survive, either career-wise or socially, we need to be on top of things, to understand the shifting landscape of technology, opportunity and challenge. In the old days, you went to school, then on to college or varsity, then found your career niche in your chosen discipline [...]