Education and career paths: is there still a connection?


Even though it’s common that people with a degree, diploma, or some form of tertiary education earn more money than those without, it has become more and more prevalent that people don’t necessarily end up working in their field of study for very long, or at all for that matter. There are plenty examples of doctors [...]

Educating for the Future: changing directions, mindsets and motivation


Our future is changing so fast and so dramatically that education institutions worldwide are struggling to keep up. You can take most of the old curriculums and toss them out of the window. And the driver of this disruption is the relentless pace of technological advancement. Technology is changing everything we know about our world – [...]

Less Taverns, More Cafes: How Coffee Culture is brewing in Langa, Cape Town.


"We wish there could be less Taverns selling alcohol and more coffee shops selling coffee." This is the hope of Chris Bangira who believes that if this were the case in Cape Town’s oldest township, it would make a difference in the lives of the youth living there. In September of 2016, Chris and his partner, [...]