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Hospitality: the welcome career


If there’s one gold thread that runs through the hotel industry, it’s a love of people and strong service orientation. Looking after people is a busy business. It is certainly not the easy career some might think. Things have to be cleaned, food ordered, planned and on time, and information must be readily to hand. People [...]

Hospitality: the welcome career2020-09-21T15:43:21+02:00

The importance of innovation in business


One thing which has emerged in the 21st century with regards to business, is that if you’re not ready to change and tack with the wind, you’re probably not going to survive into the next decade. The buzz word is innovate – but how do you do that? And what is the intensity of application? We [...]

The importance of innovation in business2020-08-13T16:39:40+02:00

Green Fingers: careers in the green economy


Twenty years ago the idea of doing everything with the environment in mind was just a glint of humour in most people’s eyes. Today, it is big business. And important business. Building our future world while caring for our planet makes more sense than just about anything we’ve ever done. So, if you’re thinking of a [...]

Green Fingers: careers in the green economy2020-07-21T14:53:08+02:00

Communication and your Career


One of the simplest yet most essential attributes you’ll need to succeed in your career will be strong communication skills. It’s interesting how little attention is paid to this, either  through scholastic education or tertiary career training. Being able to make yourself heard and understood is a practical need at every level – and an obvious [...]

Communication and your Career2020-06-12T16:32:22+02:00
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