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Swartland Municipality invites tenders for the construction of upgrades at the Gabriel Pharoah sports grounds in Darling.

Tenderers must be registered with the CIDB in a GB Class of construction works and have a grading designation equal to or higher than that determined in accordance with the sum tendered or a value determined in accordance with Regulation 25(1B) or 25(7A) of the Construction Industry Development Regulations, 2004 (as amended). The estimate for the contract lies within the range R1 million to R3 million.

The physical address for collection of tender documents is the Offices of the Director: Civil Engineering Services, Swartland Municipality, Piet Retief Street, Malmesbury. Documents may be collected during working hours after 09:00 from Monday, 30 November 2020. A non-refundable tender fee of R380,00, payable in cash or by bank guaranteed cheque made out in favour of Swartland Municipality is required on collection of the tender documents. Queries relating to the issue of these documents may be addressed to Neil Lyners & Associates (RF) (Pty) Ltd, attention: Mr Wihan Swart, tel. 021 872 0622 or e-mail:

For any enquiries regarding the completion of the schedule or for information about technical matters relating to the tenders, tenderers are requested to contact Mr Neville Quickfall at tel. 022 487 9400 before the tender closing date.

A compulsory clarification meeting with representatives of the Employer will take place at the Municipal Offices of Swartland Municipality, PEP Building, on the corner of Hill and Piet Retief Streets in Malmesbury on Wednesday, 9 December 2020, at 11:00 (registration closes at 11:05), after which the construction site will be visited.

A stipulated minimum threshold for local production and content is applicable for the supply of Steel Products and Components, and Plastic Pipes. Annexure MBD 6.2 must be completed by bidders.

Duly completed tenders in a sealed envelope marked “T35/20/21: GABRIEL PHAROAH SPORTS GROUNDS UPGRADE”, together with the name and address of the Tenderer, must be deposited in the tender box at the Municipal Offices, 1 Kerk Street, Malmesbury before 12:00 on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, upon which the tenders will be made public.



Tenders are hereby invited for the supply and delivery of uniforms for traffic department officials.

A stipulated minimum threshold for local production and content is applicable for the supply of Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear. Annexure MBD 6.2 must be completed by bidders.

The documents can be obtained from Jo-Maré van der Westhuizen (tel. 022 487 97000 during normal office hours at the Municipal Offices, Malmesbury, corner of Hill and Piet Retief Streets, next to the Checkers entrance. A non-refundable cash fee of R120,00 is payable to Swartland Municipality for collection of hard copy tender documents. The tender document is available in electronic format on request, at no charge.

Quotations and all relevant documentation in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “T36/20/21: SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF UNIFORMS FOR TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS” must be deposited in the tender box at the Municipal Head Offices, on the corner of Kerk and Voortrekker Streets, Malmesbury, before 12:00 on Friday, 11 December 2020. No late quotations, electronic or faxed tenders will be accepted.

Technical enquiries regarding this tender may be directed to Mr. Hennie Mouton at tel. 022 487 9400.

Bids will be evaluated in accordance with the Council’s Preferential Procurement Policy and the attached specifications. The 80/20-preference point system will be used for the evaluation of these contracts. The Preferential Procurement Policy will be available for perusal during normal office hours at the municipal offices.

The Swartland Municipality endorses and supports the Government’s Black Economic Empowerment Programme and is committed to rectify the inequalities of the past. Preference points will not be allocated if Annexure MBD 6.1, included in the tender documents, is not completed. Preference points MUST also be claimed in paragraph 6.1. Bidders are required to submit original and valid B-BBEE Status Level Verification Certificates or certified copies thereof together with their bids, to substantiate their B-BBEE rating claims. The Municipality reserves the right to request proof of empowerment, and to ensure that the creation of suitably remunerated employment opportunities for
historically disadvantaged individuals is indeed realised.

Late tenders will not be accepted, and the Municipality will not be compelled to accept the lowest or any tender. The Municipality reserves the right to omit any part of the project. Tenders by telegraph, telephone, telex, facsimile, and e-mail will not be accepted. Tenders may only be submitted on the tender document that is issued. Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the Tender Data.

JJ Scholtz – Municipal Manager

Swartland Municipality 
Private Bag X52 


Dec 1, 2020 | Bid Opportunities

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