Career Trends for 2021

One thing that will never go out of fashion, is the need for a career of some kind in order to contribute, earn money and find the lifestyle you would like as you head into adulthood. Sometimes the first one you choose may not turn out to be the one you really like, or are prepared to stick with. Indeed, some people work their way through several choices before they find the right fit.

However, each year there is the ‘flavour of the year career’ and choices fluctuate. The challenge is to keep up to date with what is becoming more sought-after in the world of work, and the best type of training that will improve both your options and your chances of success.

This year is no different – but while favoured occupations such as technology, medicine, finance and tourism remain in the spotlight, there are always new perspectives to consider. Let’s look at a few that are really pushing this year’s focus:


Green Careers

 Solar Panel Installer: This is hands-on work – and always outside in all weathers because solar panels are installed on roofs where they draw most sunshine. On-the job-training is where you start, because the work is technical. However, taking up some solar energy training courses would certainly offer an advantage in this field – because this will give you plenty of opportunity of moving on into more complex areas of the field.

Wind Turbine Technicians: With concerns growing about climate change, it’s not surprising that this sphere of industry has grown in popularity. You will need to be a hands-on person who enjoys manual work and working outdoors, and not be afraid of heights or working in small spaces. Similar to installing solar panels, many companies offer on-the-job training or you can find online courses to gain further technical training in this line of work which is fast growing in demand with regard to design, production and installation.


IT and Security

Information Security Analyst: There is a huge spike in the use of data, and along with this a spike in cybercrimes. As an Information Security Analyst, you will assist companies to secure critical data by developing solutions that prevent cyberattacks. It’s a job that requires in-depth technical know-how of computers, and a brain that is both logical and creative. You will be expected to assess security issues companies might face, innovate defensive plans such as firewalls and data encryption programs. Hackers have to be fought every day, and your job will be to protect the company’s computer systems and financial assets. Usually a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field will qualify you for this job. Cybersecurity is currently seen as a critical aspect of business with growing job opportunities and good remuneration.

Cloud Architect: Cloud-based collaborative applications have grown tremendously during lockdown because people have begun working remotely and need to be connected securely and seamlessly, ensuring on-site and off-site presence at all times and zero-disruption to business operations. This means that proficient cloud architects are in demand – in fact well numbered in the top ten tech jobs for 2021.

AI Specialist: Artificial Intelligence is creeping its way into most of our computerised systems, taking over mundane, repetitive jobs, and adding a level of security that we only dreamed of in the past. AI sources faults and realises reactions in super quick time,  taking machine learning and ‘thinking’ machines to new heights, along with business processes and profits. It is one of the best careers this year – and will probably be listed as the best paid occupation in 2021. Qualifications in information technology, robotic systems, computer science and machine learning will put you in line for top earnings for years to come.

Business Analyst and People Management

  Business Intelligence Analyst: Definitely included in the top ten of most in-demand jobs. With the influx of newer technologies and business trends comes an abundance of data. This data needs to be analysed to create valuable business insights, which in turn help businesses to make smarter decisions. A business intelligence analyst equips an organisation to achieve business goals through the development of new business strategies based on continual data analysis and processing. You can expect creative involvement and high remuneration.

People Analytics & Digital HR Specialist: The dynamics of workforce management has shifted to become more employee-centred. Incorporating people analytics will be a major priority for companies within the next 5 years. To win in this new, empowering environment, you will need to be data-smart, and analytically and digitally competent. Understanding people is one thing, but being able to assess them using data collated and correlated by computer systems is vital. It is predicted to be one of the most important occupations in 2021.

Marketing and Creatives

 Data Analysts: For marketers data is king. Companies need to know what their customers are doing: consumer habits, both online and offline, in order to create successful marketing strategies. Your job will be to gather information and interpret patterns and trends. Recommendations on how to improve companies operations will be important. You will need a thorough understanding of social media, and how to technically garner information, SEO, as well as qualifications in Digital Marketing, Analytics, CRM, and general marketing, etc.

 Marketing Strategists: After the stagnation of lockdown, companies will be looking to make a big comeback, once a fair amount of normality returns. So a considerable amount of marketing strategy will be set to the board. Get in on the activity with some training in communications, marketing, design, consumer behaviour, creative messaging, etc. The beauty of knowing this field well, means that you can work for an agency or a company – or start your own business. Whichever your choice, this is a creatively dynamic career that has always been popular, but will prove really big business in the near future!

Graphic Designers/Creatives: Creativity never goes out of fashion. Companies wanting to run innovative marketing campaigns will need someone to actualise the marketing concepts in visible, eye-catching design. If you’re looking for a career path that will allow you to express your artistic talent, then this is for you. You will develop layouts, design product illustrations, create new logos, help rebrand companies, design artwork for marketing campaigns, etc. Graphic art is linked to a range of careers within this sphere. You will need a qualification in Art, Graphic Art, CAD, plus knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, and other arty and useful tools and applications.


Mar 8, 2021 | Vuk’uzenzele

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