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Follow the lives of these professionals as they share a day in their lives. Be inspired and follow this link to read their stories.

Day In The Life

The Dynamite Package: small business success stories


Beginning a new business is always daunting, but it is also exciting, motivating and challenging. The right spirit, vision and determination to learn and to strive without giving up, can see you creating an enterprise that not only rewards you, but is also something to be justly proud of. Some entrepreneurs who have learned the game, [...]

Allure and intrigue; stepping into the mind of Lungiswa Gqunta


Artists are like merchants of mystery. In their works we find fascination and allure and in them lies the intriguing secret behind their magic. Perhaps what makes art so magical is the infinite openness to interpretation that we, the viewer, are invited to colour according to our own experiences, hopes, hurts, happiness and fears. Perhaps the [...]

Ayanda Nkosi – Digital Specialist at AMcomms: The Can-Do Company


We took some time out to chat with Ayanda Nkosi (Digital Specialist). Originally from Johannesburg, Ayanda joined the team in Cape Town on 2 March 2018. His journey is testament to the fact that Redefining Success is within the grasp of every individual who decides to passionately pursue their career goals and dreams. Passion and persistence [...]