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Day In The Life

Career Guidance: why you need it


If you’re just starting out on your career – or you are changing careers – it’s a good idea to find someone who can steer you through the mix of choices and your own personal agenda. Career guidance provides valuable support and resources that can assist you to make informed decisions and align career goals with [...]

Career Guidance: why you need it2023-08-15T09:17:41+02:00

When the numbers add up: accounting as a career


If you are a numbers whiz then there are several choices of career you can chose. However, if you like money and enjoy business, then accounting could be the perfect choice for you. Part of the value of accounting as a career is that it is multi-faceted and, despite digital advancements – or even because of [...]

When the numbers add up: accounting as a career2023-07-18T22:51:31+02:00

Writing for a Living: the value of words


Writing possibly has to be one of our most basic human endeavours. Before we could do much else, we were scratching stuff on stones. And there was always meaning to our pictures and scribbles. Communicating by making things visual has always been considered our most trusted form of connection. Writing as a profession has been celebrated [...]

Writing for a Living: the value of words2023-06-13T11:38:01+02:00

How Venture Capital can launch your business


Starting your own business sounds very exciting. Ideas abound and are hugely motivating. Challenges appear to elevate the drive to succeed – and it can be a stimulating centre of discussion and planning. However, the biggest drawback to nearly all start-up small business is money – enough to get it going, and enough to carry through [...]

How Venture Capital can launch your business2023-05-20T23:05:09+02:00
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