Ayanda Nkosi – Digital Specialist at AMcomms: The Can-Do Company

We took some time out to chat with Ayanda Nkosi (Digital Specialist). Originally from Johannesburg, Ayanda joined the team in Cape Town on 2 March 2018.
His journey is testament to the fact that Redefining Success is within the grasp of every individual who decides to passionately pursue their career goals and dreams.

Passion and persistence always pay off

Ayanda learned about AMcomms (The CAN-DO Company) while he was researching advertising agencies during his job hunting journey. He muses that it was easy to remember, since he shared a first name with Founder and CEO, Ayanda Mbanga.

After reading the company profile, Ayanda stopped research on other agencies, and dedicated all of his efforts on learning everything he could about AMcomms. He says that he was ‘’captivated by the company culture, the work they do and what the employees had to say about the company’’, and just had to find out for himself.

Ayanda started following and engaging with the company’s social media platforms to keep him up to speed where ever he was. After months of reading, liking and commenting on the agency’s Facebook page, he decided to send an inbox message via Messenger.



Initially, he feared that this might seem “unprofessional”, but then realised he had nothing to lose:


‘’I figured since I had no qualification nor experience in the media space, my CV would be of no use, so I had to be creative and stand out. Their social media team really took the time to understand and reply to my passionate attempts to find a job and my desire to join the company. So, they helped me to set up a meeting with Ayanda Mbanga.’’

A couple of weeks later he got his long-awaited interview with Ayanda Mbanga, who gave him an assignment to test his skills for an internship position.

‘’On 10 April 2017, I started my first day as a Social Media Intern in Johannesburg and have since grown to the position of Digital Specialist.’’



His role involves social media and website content updates for Ayanda Mbanga’s personal brand (Redefining Success), as well as developing presentations and fulfilling an online advertising and social communication function.

‘’Ayanda Mbanga is not just my boss, but my mentor.  I love my career and the team at AMcomms. You guys are amazing!’’



We asked Ayanda some questions surrounding his role and the big move from Johannesburg to Cape Town:

Why did you choose to take up the opportunity to relocate to Cape Town?

‘’I personally believe that every opportunity comes with new knowledge and growth. I happen to be obsessed with both.’’

What were your expectations?

‘’To be honest, I can tell you what I didn’t expect: The support I have received to further my career and acquire new skills in this space have simply blown me away.’’

How do you experience the office environment and the Mother City?

‘’From my limited experience, I would say that Cape Town is amazing so far, but the unpredictable weather is so confusing. As for the office, the people are just too much fun and inspiring to be around. Sometimes I even forget that I’m far away from home.’’

What initially drew you to the company?

‘’I have always believed that I CAN DO anything, which just so happens to be the tagline for AMcomms (The CAN-DO Company). After all the info I gained from researching the company, I also heard an interview with Ayanda Mbanga on Kaya FM talking about recruitment advertising and helping employers find the right talent and skills. That’s when I started to form an idea on how to use the very same tips and tactics the company share on their social platforms to help myself get noticed by AMcomms.’’

To learn more about AMcomms, the team and related services, visit: https://thecandocompany.co.za/



May 23, 2018 | Day In The Life

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